Eunice Power - Outside Catering Company, Waterford, Ireland.

Monday, March 14, 2011

My Hens

Eunice With 1/4 Of Her Flock
My four girls... Ed and my littlest fellow Kieran bought the hens at the local mart last September, we minded them for 4 months, fed them cleaned up after them and then in month five they started to lay. In the meantime I fell in love with the hens. They are so inquisitive, innovative, work in packs scarifying the lawn, picking up the oats as bread leaves the house to the shop, any bit of activity and they are in on it. And the eggs are sublime eaten warm, the whites are milky, yolks are golden. I suppose living in a house of males they are my allies. Hen's rock! I haven't named them yet, each has their own personality, the boss, the hider (hides her eggs in the garden, but I have her hidey holes sussed) there is one who always wants to come into the house, then the last one who would poo in your eye.... my least favourite. I won't say that they are no trouble, but they are lovable interesting and beautiful creatures.

We are now eating eggs every day, boiled in the morning and omelettes, pancakes and frittatas for tea. Love giving eggs to my mum on a bed of straw. Feel I have arrived as a farmerette! Thank you dear little hens, I hope we have a long meaningful relationship!

E xxx cluck cluck